Sam Sung Tab P585Y 7.0 FRP done

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Sam Sung Tab P585Y 7.0 FRP done

Brand : Samsung
Model : A310F
Operation : Reset FRP
Searching for Phone...Found
Port: : COM191 : SAMSUNG Mobile USB Modem #97
Checking for Device...Found [Normal Mode]
Reading Phone Information...OK
Software: : P585YDXU1BQK2/P585YDXUX1BQK2/P585YDXU1BQH2/P585YDXU1BQK2
Init Download Mode...OK
Waiting for phone in Download Mode...OK
Port: : COM133 : SAMSUNG Mobile USB Modem #67
Reading Data from Phone...Done
Chipset : LSI7870 [HiSpeed]
Loading Data...OK
Resetting FRP Data...OK
Closing Session...Done
---------------- IMPORTANT ----------------
Wait for phone to turn on completely.
goto Menu > Settings > Backup and Reset and do Factory data Reset.
Operation Finished.
UltimateFRP Ver. 0.4

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