SM-A107F U5 unlock network done ! - A10S U5 - A107F mở mạng done !

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SM-A107F U5 unlock network done ! - A10S U5 - A107F mở mạng done !

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Searching for SAMSUNG Mobile USB Modem...OK
SAMSUNG USB Modem detected on [COM12]
Looking for DEVICE...OK
Reading USB MODEM information...OK
IMEI : 351579111117295
S/N  : R9WM905AXL
U/N  : W15514430391846
Loading ADB module.............OK
Starting ADB module...OK
Searching for SAMSUNG ADB device...OK
Checking device authorization...OK
Reading ADB device information...
ADB Serial Number : R9WM905AXLJ
Model Name : SM-A107F
BL version : A107FXXU5ATA9
AP version : A107FXXU5ATA9
CP version : A107FXXU5ATA8,A107FXXU5ATA8
CSC version : A107FOJM5ATA9
Android version : 9
Country : KSA
Sales code : KSA
Serial Number : R9WM905AXLJ
Debug Level : HIGH [0x4948]
Warranty VOID : N/A
SIM operator : N/A
Loading RIL applet...OK
IMEI : 351579111117295
Reading data from phone...OK
Searching for device in UPLOAD MODE...[COM5]...OK
Preparing to read data...OK
Reading RAM data...OK
Security analyse result : OK
Rebooting device to NORMAL mode...OK
Sending data to SERVER...OK
Waiting for SERVER response (may take few minutes)...OK
Sending unlock codes to phone...[ACK:1]...OK
Operation successful.

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