Vsmart Live V620A xóa mật khẩu và tài khoản google ok

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Vsmart Live V620A xóa mật khẩu và tài khoản google ok


[EDL] FACTORY RESET Selected Model : Vsmart Live
Code Name : V620A
Operation : Factory Reset [1]
 Authenticating... OK
 Retrieving data... OK
 Initializing data... OK
 Searching for HS-USB QDLoader 9008... COM105
 Connection : USB 2.0 High-Speed 
 USB Driver : [Qualcomm Incorporated] qcusbser
 Connecting to device... OK
 Handshaking... OK
 Reading bootloader info... OK
 SOC : [438357088] [Snapdragon 675] [SM6150] [0x000950E1]
 PK_HASH[0] :913023D06EF74FFAC8A1415DE207DB8B
 PK_HASH[1] :7B1BF74C2F9CF3563A76B9E6927DC93D
 Writing flash programmer... OK
 Connecting to flash programmer... OK
 Configuring device... OK
 Firehose config : eMMC [Sector:512] [Target:0] [Host:1048576] 
 Reading partition map... OK
 Reading info... OK
    Model Name : Live
   Product Name : V620A_open
   Manufacturer : vsmart
   Android Version : 9
   Security Patch : 2020-01-01
 Formatting data... OK
 Erasing FRP... OK
 Total sector : 1024
Rebooting... OK

UNLOCKTOOL [DEBUG] v2020.12.23.0
Elapsed time : 17 seconds

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